Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a crafty equation - granola goodness

In light of a new year, new resolutions, and most importantly a new budget, I have decided to re-evaulate my equation for crafting.

Coming up with a new idea or recipe, and diving right in - doesn't always make the most sense. Sometimes craft ideas sit on your to-do list until the perfect storm of crafting occurs; you have a spare afternoon, the supplies you need are on sale, a good friend comes for a visit, someone's birthday or a gift giving occasion is coming up, etc...

Although I always say that crafting inherently saves money (you are staying in and doing something free, instead of going out and spending on entertainment)... expressing a new creative whim, can sometimes be a costly process.

Up until now my craft feasability equation has roughly been based on whether the cost of materials is percevied to be worth the total benefit of fun, function, and time spent.

For example; If the cost of spending an afternoon in making a present for a friend, roughly equals what you would spend for their gift plus what you might spend at a movie or museum for the afternoon, then the value is worthwhile for both you and the gift recipient (just as long as you make something worth giving in the end).

But for 2010, there is a new element to the equation, which is that the benefit should not only outweigh the costs, but also the crafternoon activity should ideally;

a) create something usefull/already needed
b) potentially save money and or use free/reused/already purchased materials

and so comes 2010 Crafternoon #1 -

Granola Goodness

Problem: getting one's baking fix often results in over consumption of cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. this results in higher calorie consumption as well as the cost and expenses of desserts you probably wouldn't have bought anyway.

Solution: making your own Granola is a crafty way to do a bit of baking, while making something healthy that you would consume anyway.

break down:
- mix it up, add new elements every time you make it. (creative fix!)
- make your granola with what's on sale at the supermarket or buy in bulk (saves money!)
- don't waste your money on posh boxes of cereal and muesli (saves MORE money!)
- have a bespoke, healthy breakfast every day of the week (useful function!)

This is my granola mix with added sultanas, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds. The basic recipe came from a friend, and I added my own mix of nuts and seeds based on what was buy one get one free at the shops.

I'll watch the sales, and hopefully try dried blueberries, dried cheeries, mango, coconut flakes, almonds, pecans.... ack! I cant wait!