Finished Quilts

Here is a gallery of some of my favourite quilt's I've made - Finally all in one place! Where I've posted about the quilt, the image is a link to the original post.  If you are interested in knowing more about one of the quilts, comment and let me know - and I'll do a retro look-back post and share!

Sleep Stories Quilt - Wellcome Collection Reading Room project - Spring 2016

Untitled (Chevron Baby Quilt) - February 2016

Written in the Stars Quilt - Completed Summer 2014

Canadian Wild Quilt - Completed Summer 2013

Birds and the Bees Wedding Quilt - Completed Summer 2013

Tube Map Quilt - Completed Autumn 2011

Custom Baby Quilt (commission) - Completed Autumn 2011

Nephew Baby Quilt - Completed Summer 2011

Birds Cage Quilt - Completed Spring 2011 

Bright Baby Quilt - Completed Christmas 2010

 Wordsworth Wedding Quilt - Completed Summer 2010

Scattered Leaves Quilt (my first quilt!) - Completed Spring 2009

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