52 weeks : 52 crafts

Throughout 2012 I'll be attempting to make and document one new craft a week, which I will then sell on ebay to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Although from week to week the timing may change; every Monday I will set out to make a new craft, for which I'll document the making process, and by the end of the week (Sunday) I'll hope to have it up and ready on ebay where 100% of the sale will go to the charity. As I catch up and get started things may move a little faster than that.

Posts relating to 52 Weeks : 52 crafts will be combined on the main page with all my regular posts, but can also be found on their own by following this link.

I'll keep a running tally of money raised here, as well as links to my friends and crafty colleagues who lend a hand in the crafty fundraising throughout the year.

If you'd like to get involved, support an upcoming week, or share your story with the project please get in touch.

Projects/Money Raised so far:

Craft #1: Quilted Baby Bibs Sold for: £9.50
Craft #2: Mug Rugs Unsold to be relisted
Craft #3: Coffee Cozy Sleeves Raised: £11.50 so far, more to be listed
Craft #4: Tile Coasters Raised: £5.00 so far, more to be listed
Craft #5: Body Butters Raised: £5.00
Craft #6: Star Cushion by Debbie Greenaway Raised: £5.00
Craft #7: Picnic Bag Raised: £27.00
Craft #8: Oyster Card Wallets Raised: £15.00
Craft #9: Passport/Travel Wallets Raised: £16.50
Craft #10: Tote Bags To be sold at Mshed 'Giant Handmade and Vintage Market'
Craft #11: Lino Print Cards: To be sold at Mshed 'Giant Handmade and Vintage Market'
Craft #12: Screenprinted Shirts Raised: £22.50
Craft #13: Plush Tangrams Raised: £10.00
Craft #14: Recycled Copper Bracelet Raised: £12.00
Craft #15: Clutch Bag Raised: £16.00
Craft: #16: Handmade Seed Paper to be relisted
Craft: #17: Handmade Seed Bombs£5.00
Craft #18: Hoop Embroidered Items £8.00
Craft #19: Stained Glass Bunting £13.50
Craft #20: I Spy Quillow £25.00
Craft #21: Curious Cushion £12.00
Craft #22: Lavender Bag £5.00
Craft #23: Linen Baby Blanket £15.00
Craft #24: Under the Sea Mobile to be relisted
Craft #25 and #26: Sweet Greetings Portfolios raffled raised £34.00
Craft #27: Finger Knit Cushion to be relisted
Craft #28: Cath Kidston London Bag £17.00
Craft #29: Chalkboard Wine Glasses to be relisted
Craft #30: Felted Matryoshka Badges £4.00 to be relisted
Craft #31: Purple Thread - I Need Chocolate Cross Stitch to be relisted
Craft #32: Fabric Lampshade to be relisted
Craft #33: Bicycle Seat Shower Cap to be relisted
Craft #34: Bookmark Making raised £35.00
Craft #35: Mini-Cushions £4.00 more to be relisted
Craft #36: Hoop Organisers to be relisted
Craft #37: Saucy Saucepan Holders sold for £13.50 2nd pair to be relisted
Craft #38: Owlet Jumper £14.07
Craft #39: Quilty Stocking sold for £10.00
Craft #40: Baby Quilt Raised: 41.00
Craft #41: I Spy Bunting Raised: £8.00
Craft #42: Reindeer Bauble to be relisted
Craft #43: Hot Water Bottle with Cover to be relisted
Craft #44: Tweedy Stocking to be relisted
Craft #45: Wool Wrapped Wreath to be relisted
Craft #46: Wood Christmas Bunting to be relisted
Craft #47: Washi Tape Cards raised £12.00
Crafts #48-52: Items sold at Making Things Club Christmas Pop-Up Shop £50.00

Funds Raised from Special Events
Raffle at Magpie's and I market, Mshed: £87.00
Raffle at Magpie's and I market, July: £34.00

Total raised so far: £557.07

All current items are listed here - but watch out as this only updates once and hour, so there might be less time to bid than you think!