Thursday, December 4, 2008

tea towels...

lately it seems that tea towels are coming back into fashion... at every craft and art shop I go to, there seems to be a range of tea towels for sale. From classic book titles to retro patterns, it seems that tea towels are the new kitsch way to bring art and craft into your home, while making a statement in your kitchen.

While living in a place like London, it seems that in addition to being London-proud everyone has a soft spot for their favourite locality within the city. For me, its of couse Battersea, but my attachements also extend to my favourite places to spend time. Anyone who has spent more than a few hours in London will tell you that Shoreditch is perpetually on the up and up, and that its certainly the place to be right now. Whether you are shopping or browsing markets, heading out for dinner, or having a night out on the town, shoreditch is quickly becoming home (and home-away-from-home) for many.

I figured - why not combine the retro kitsch of statement tea towels and the importance of local pride?

thus is born, the Shoreditch Tea Towel; a stencilled tea towel featuring the Shoreditch's best sights... from tube stations, bridges, pubs and churches all tied together with the 'Shoreditch' lettering as it appears alongside the Regent's Canal.

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