Thursday, May 21, 2009

3-D knitting continues to loom...

I have mentioned before on this blog that I have dreams of learning 3D knitting... its something I carry with me in the back of my mind, and something I plan to tackle one day.

Although I don't feel too pushed to get going on my 3-D skylines, every now and then I stumble upon something amazing, which reminds me that I still have much to learn.

Over the weekend I went for a country walk in Hebden Bridge, and spotted the most amazing window display in a closed shop/community centre. It was an entire tea and cake said make completely out of wool.

If only it had been open, I could have gone inside and questioned the maker, or failing that at least admired it with a close eye... unfortunately it was too early on that sunday morning, and instead I had to admire the treats from the behind a glass window.

I only hope that one day I can knit goodies like these!

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