Sunday, October 26, 2008

a wee bit of pre-christmas cheer

Its only really just becoming Autumn, but every year I seem to make the fatal mistake of leaving my homemade Christmas presents and goodies until far too late... so after a nice Autumn walk today, I've decided to get a head start on my holiday craft making.

I am still enticed and entranced by 3D knitting, and so I continue to dabble into it in hopes of one day being skilled enough to create the 3D knitted skyline of London which I have been dreaming of all these years.

This little ornament I made isn't exactly 3D, but I'm taking baby steps as I start to play with shapes and come up with my own little patterns. I figure this would sit nicely on the face of a Christmas card, and then easily detach when its time to decorate the tree.

Its just the right amount of crafting to wind down that little bit more, after an afternoon tromping around the muddy autumn countryside.

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