Friday, May 6, 2011

sometimes cake is for eating!

When you partake in making bath and body products at home, guests are often greeted with the welcoming smells of sweet essential oils, melting cocoa butter, coconut oil and honey, only to disappointingly discover that the treats they are smelling are not for eating!

Occasionally Lazy Crafternoons gives into the guilt of cake-teasing... and makes cakes which are actually for eating!

In honour of the warm weather and vintage themed fun of Manchester's Norther Quarter Street Party Lazy Crafternoons made and entered some delicious ice cream cone inspired chocolate cake pops into their cake competition!

... and Chris is very proud to say that they came in Second Place!

This is an adapted cake pop recipe, which I actually found easier because I didn't have to worry about the cake pops falling off sticks. They just sat nicely in the little cones, and because I chilled them in the cones, I had no trouble with them falling out or getting too soft.

I fashioned the stand out of some balsam wood pieces I picked up at a craft shop, and voila!

Here's a shot of Edge St. transformed into a street party.

What a fantastic result on a fantastic day!

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