Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week #9 - variation on a theme

After last week's experience of whipping up eight little oyster card wallets, I took a few suggestions on board and decided to continue on the theme of travel and wallets, and make a few passport holders.

I looked through a few different patterns and tutorials, and couldn't find something I really liked or suited my sewing style (I like projects which require little to no hand stitching)... so I decided to adapt my oyster card wallet. I was planning on simply making a passport sleeve, more like a passport cover - but then I remember how I've seen people taking their passports out of them upon request in customs, so thought it would be more worthwhile making a proper holder which could fit all your travel necessities.

I had to make a few tweaks to the oyster wallet:

I changed size to reflect the dimensions of the passport

I pieced together a set of credit-card sized pockets for the left side of the holder, and pieced the centre lining together with a small loop to act as a pen holder.

I added an outside 'tab' which is useful for tucking in extra documents/boarding passes.

I also reinforced the whole wallet with cut pieces of mount board slid in as I turned it inside out, and the using fusible web I fused the 'spine' area where the fold is.

I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with - please excuse the iphone quality photos, it's been a busy weekend and I wanted to get the photos up before I lost the natural light!

Proper images, plus auctions to be listed shortly. In the meantime check other auctions and the project's progress here.

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