Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week #38 Preview - Designer Kate Davies

I'm really pleased to give a little preview to this week's craft by featuring Kate Davies, an incredible designer, writer, blogger and knitting expert based in Edinburgh.

I first came across Kate quite some time ago, while having a short internet break at work - I immediately bookmarked her site as something to 'come back to'... but as it often happens, I didn't quite get around to revisiting her site for some time.  Then I came across her site again earlier this year when she was having some trouble with people reproducing and selling her patterns as well as a dispute with Debenhams over the use of the pattern (which I'm happy to say was resolved soon after!)

If you browse Kate's website you'll see that she has produced quite a wonderful selection of patterns, with a range suitable for both beginners and experts... visit to see just a few.

One my favourites is her absolutely breaktaking Yams and Rowes blanket.

Photo: Kate Davies Designs

Now due to my knitting skill level, and the fact that I only have a week to complete each project I didn't quite have the time-resources to take on this blanket, I have however completed another of Kate's projects and will be posting my result and review of the pattern later this week.

Have a browse of Kate's website and see if you can guess which one I made!

Many thanks of course to Kate, who has allowed me to use her pattern and sell what I made to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support!

If you'd like more information on the 52 Weeks: 52 Crafts project, <== click this link to see some of the other projects I made and find out what is up for auction this week.

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