Sunday, November 16, 2014

Back to London

After many years away, the call of London proved too strong and at the start of October we found ourselves picking up our sticks and moving back to the big smoke. I had a wonderful three years in Bristol, and will always love Bristol as my first home-across-the-pond, but when the right opportunities presented themselves we decided it was time for us to do London again.

It's a very strange feeling to leave somewhere that feels like home and return to another place that was once home. This move was both a departure and a homecoming.

In the spirit of London life which is as hustling, bustling and busy as I remember it, I'm posting an efficiently quick and easy update to the blog. Now I know instagram photos do not a blog post make, but I thought it would be a nice and easy way to catch up on things to share what I've been up to and encourage readers to follow me on instagram.

Just a few shots from my first month back in town.

A photo posted by Chris Webb (@chrismakesthings) on
A photo posted by Chris Webb (@chrismakesthings) on
A photo posted by Chris Webb (@chrismakesthings) on
A photo posted by Chris Webb (@chrismakesthings) on

In reality, not much has changed in London. It's still the same place and it still excites and exhausts me in the same old ways... the one thing that's changed in the six years I've been away is the rise of apps and their impact on the efficiency of urban life. We can document our lives through apps, find places to eat, find things to do, book taxis and generally explore the city with more efficiency and less need to speak to the people around us than ever - how strange and (and in odd way) wonderfully London.

More updates to come soon, with lots of new things to share and changes coming to my world of crafternoons.

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  1. I know what you mean, London life can be overwhelming, but it's addictive nonetheless!