Sunday, January 11, 2015

52 Quilters

Hi folks,

In case you were stopping by and didn't find out through the bajillion other channels I've been shamelessly self-promoting it on, this past week I've been posting as a part of my new project called '52 Quilters'. 52 Quilters is a project inspired by some of the other '52 twitter accounts out there, but extending that to instagram and blogger by inviting a new quilter to take over the 52 Quilter accounts each week.

Last week I was the first quilter and you can read all about my week here, with my round up post. Soon I'll be back to Lazy Crafternoons, but will be making a few changes to how I write and work this year (don't worry all fun, positive and very me!)... so stay tuned for updates.

A new baby quilt I made as a part of my week on the '52
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