Sunday, February 19, 2012

Craft #6: Star Cushion by Debbie Greenaway

The lovely and talented Debbie Greenaway has certainly delivered this week as the 52 Weeks: 52 Crafts project's first guest maker. Debbie's contribution to the project features one of her illustrations that she has screen-printed onto a gorgeous patchwork cushion.

Debbie shares where she gets inspiration for her illustrations;

"I try to carry a sketchbook with me at all times and/or a camera as you never know what or who you are going to see or what you may do on your travels. When I lived in Manchester, I used to take my sketchbook and draw on the streets as there would be plenty of inspiration about. Everyday people walking, flamboyant people, street musicians or artists, people with pet rabbits, buildings, shop signs, street events etc. I like to try and have a go at drawing most things that I find interesting, animals and people mainly but I am having a go at buildings and scenery - and situations. Anything goes but I often end up drawing times several times over until i have a feel for the character. Most of my sketchbooks look a bit like a diary as I think it is easier to draw what you are doing or draw things that you like but then again - a challenge is always welcome."

2012 is the start of a big year for Debbie, as she has left her day job to have a second go at self-employment as an illustrator and designer. In 2012 she is hoping to take part in more exhibitions and create at least one illustrated book of sorts! She has set up her own home screen-printing studio and would like to collaborate more with others on screen-prints or any illustrations projects. So do get in touch with Debbie if you have ideas for collaboration.

As her contribution to the project Debbie has generously donated a star cushion measuring approx. 40cm by 40cm (inner is a 16" square cushion). The cushion is made from new and up-cycled materials, and is screen-printed with her star design.
The main panel has been hand stitched together using printed and plain fabrics to create a hexagon pattern. The back of the cushion is the same colour as the side panels with a hidden zip across the middle. The front of cushion is lined inside.

Please click on the image above to see the auction page, and find out more details about the cushion.

This cushion is just one piece from Debbie's huge collection of work which you can browse in her Etsy shop including a number of other cushions and accessories that can brighten up your home.

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