Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week #18 - Hoop Dreams

Lately I have been seeing more and more embroidery hoops popping up as clever little ways of displaying different kinds of textile work as well as just being used as a fun way to display different scraps and pieces of great fabric.

So, I've been thinking and dreaming of different ways I could put my skills to use to make a few display hoops, and I came up short as I decided that patchwork and hoops may not go together (although since then I've re-considered that decision).

In the end I thought I would give a simple embroidery stitch a try (with the knowledge that any more than a few stitches would cause me to lose all patience) as well as try my hand a free machine embroidery, another skill I've been meaning to pick up all these years.

So I attempted a little cross stitch, and although what I ended up with may not resemble any actual type of stitching (I think the canvas was too fine a weave for what I was doing), I think these little faces are pretty darn sweet.

I did my second little project on the sewing machine, after being oh so bored from cutting out triangles for actual bunting, I decided it would be much easier to do bunting this way:

I just applied my triangles with steam a seam bonding web, and then freehand stitched around them roughly. I'm pretty pleased with the results, given that the entire time I worked on it I was terrified that I'd get my fingers caught in the needle.

A darning foot is now number one on my to-buy list.

As always, these items are up for auction on ebay, to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Please spread the word and help me raise more funds for Macmillan!

Oh and by the way, I just realised I'm official past the 1/3 way point in the year - that's 18 crafts down and 34 more to go!

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