Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week #19 - Stained Glass Bunting

As I mentioned in a previous post I've taken up a stained glass course to add more to the mix of skills I'm employing for my 52 week challenge. I thought I might make a little something now and then maybe put my skills to use again come Christmas.

So far it's been easier than I expected in some ways but harder in others. Although the more I work the more I'm seeing the endless creative possibilities.

I don't know if my mind had been taken over by quilting, or if I'm just used to thinking about making things out of fabric but so far all my projects have been sewing inspired.

Firstly I'm working on a set of nine patch traditional quilt blocks that I imagine I might one day hang in the windows of my very own craft studio. Here is a look at my first one, done with a blue and dark green running with blue (it looks much brighter held up to the light!):

Thinking along the same lines I decided I'd have a go at making satined glass bunting to hang in the window. This worked very nicely if I may say so myself and it's sadly one of those crafts that you realise you really want for yourself when you finish making it. Even worse it really brightened up my shabby looking window when I had to hang it to photograph it... But the craft challenge comes first!

So there it is - my first (of what I expect will be many) strings of stained glass bunting!  This shows the set of four triangles hung on picture wire (the chain I originally bought did not hold up) - but the set for sale will come with a sturdier chain for hanging the triangles.

This item will, as always, go up for auction for Macmillan Cancer Support. When it is listed, the live auction details will appear here:

Please note that the listings below update hourly, so there may be less time to bid than there appears!

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