Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week #22 - update on Lavender Bag!

Hello again crafty followers! Just a little update on the lavender bag project I posted on a few days ago!

** please note the auctions above update only once an hour, so there may be less time to bid than you think! please click to follow the link.

After posting about how much I enjoyed making the project and gushing about Debbie and her fabulous kits, Debbie came up with another great idea to add to the project. 

Now of course I would like to encourage you to buy this little rag rugged lavender bag to use at home, but if you are just itching to make your own Debbie has agreed to donate £1.00 of your kit's price to Macmilllan Cancer as well. 

That means that you can bid on the ready made item above, or order your own for just £13.50p including postage, and if you use the word ‘Lazy Crafternoons’ in your e-mail/letter with cheque Macmillan will receive that £1 donation. Please visit Rag Rug Textiles and get in touch with Debbie to order yours now!

please note: normally I ship items for the fundraiser to UK, Europe, North America and Australia, but because this item contains dried flowers I can only send it within the UK.

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