Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week #23 - Pram Blanket (better photos to come!)

This week I've been crafting in my home-away-from-crafty-home Manchester, while in town to teach a few workshops with Ministry of Craft.

Things have been a bit baby-centric in my life lately, as I've had my sister and 9-month old nephew visiting, so in the spirit of having survived a week with a baby in the house, and to fill the tiny void they left when they departed back to Canada, I decided to go for a baby-rrific craft this week!

Just a few kinks in my plans however: first off, all the lovely step-by-step shots I took for a mini tutorial are trapped on my camera (both my first-string battery and back up battery have somehow failed!!!) and also after neatly pressing my project this morning I folded it up into my bag, and it being linen it naturally creased beyond all recognition and so I'm struggling to take a good photo of it with only my iphone camera.

But I decided I'd persevere and update now anyway, with a plan to provide better photos and a rough step-by-step guide when the technological stars decide to finally align for me.

So this week's project is a simple pram/stroller/travel blanket made with a french braid patchwork strip and some lush natural italian linen I've had saved up for a nice project.  I wanted to do something light and summery, and I decided this was the right project to use it for.

I've been meaning to try this french braid patch for a while, and also picked up some lovely baby-ish fabric while I was away in France in June so I decided it was time to give it a go.  Normally I shy away from using baby or children's prints because I find it difficult to find ones that aren't too cutesy or overly childish, but this little print featuring turtles, teddys, houses, trees, and elephants was really sweet and I already had some fabrics I knew it would match with nicely.

Above is the close up of the french braid strip, and here is the finished product. Please forgive the poor quality photos, and clear lack of pressing!

The blanket itself is made from 100% linen (front and back), with the patchwork strip made from cotton prints, and a layer of natural soft cotton wadding sandwiched in the middle. It measures roughly 30" by 26" so its just the right size for a pram, to take in the car, or to take as a changing mat/play mat away from home.

I'll tell you a little more about how I made it in my next post, where you'll also be treated to photos that are not only colour-accurate but also in focus!

As I post there there are just 45 minutes left to bid on last week's Lavender Bag

... and this item will also soon be up for auction with 100% of the sale going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Please check back for auction details and my tutorial!

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