Friday, July 13, 2012

Week #25 a few little changes...

Now that week's #25 and #26 are upon us, and I'm reaching the halfway point of completed projects, I've decided its time to have a think, a ponder, an assessment, etc... and re-jig the 52 Weeks : 52 Crafts project just a little bit.

So far I couldn't be more pleased with how the project has gone, but I know that I need to be a little more active in the 'shameless self-promotion department' and so Week #25 and #26's projects are all about getting more followers, raising more money and spreading the make and do word.

A few weeks the very talented and inspirational Amy Butler (yes THAT Amy Butler) posted about my challenge on her facebook page, and I got to thinking about how, after plowing through her book 'In Stitches' making project after project, it had been a while since I'd taken on one of her projects...  After a few emails back and forth with her and her team, I had the idea to follow the free pattern for her 'Sweet Greetings Portfolios' and to do a multi-week pattern review, and prize giveaway of what I made.

So this week I'm making two of the small portfolios in some fabrics from her new Gypsy Caravan collection, and next week (we'll really this weekend!) I'll be making two of the large portfolios to go with them. I'll be blogging over the next few days with a review of the pattern and my personal 'top tips' for pattern following.

One set of portfolios will be auctioned off on the blog via. my new favourite widget Rafflecopter and the other set will be raffled off in person along with some other crafty wares, at the MShed 'Magpie's and I' market taking place as part of the Bristol Harbourside Festival on Sunday July 22nd.

The online raffle will run from 5:00 am, Sunday July 14th to 5:00 am Monday July 23rd (sorry for the odd times, rafflecopter chooses to use Eastern Standard Time) - and the copter will be available in a separate blog post popping up on Saturday.

This way you can support the project by spreading the word and help me get more followers even if you don't live in Bristol and can't come along to see me in person.

This morning I finished my two small portfolios, and I've got all the pieces ready for a perfect sunday afternoon make-a-thon where I'll make two of the large ones.

Small Portfolios made with Gypsy Caravan - Don't you just love the patterns?
Please don't forget that the lavender bag and under the sea mobile auctions are closing tonight and over the weekend, so please check them out and spread the word as well... and stay tuned for some more announcements about some other exciting new developments in the 52 weeks : 52 crafts project.

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