Friday, July 6, 2012

Week #23 - Pram blanket continued...

Thanks for your patience as I solved the technology gap that was preventing me from posting.

I decided not to do a full step-by-step tutorial for this one, as a lot of the basic steps are covered in some of my other tutorials... but I'm going to go through a few of the steps to show you just how I did it.

Firstly, I assembled 6" by 2" strips into a lovely french braid pattern, before trimming it down to a clean 5.5" strip measuring the length of the blanket (31 inches with 1/2 seam allowances).

Then using a 1/4" seam I attached it to some linen pieces to complete the top, and sandwiched the top, back, and cotton wadding layers together basting with pins. (Laying the top and back pieces rights side facing, with the wadding behind it).

Then I sewed around the edges (pivoting at the corners) using a 1/2" seam leaving about a 6 inch gap for turning the project inside out.

Then I turned the project inside out, pressed, and basted about every 5 inches with safety pins. You can see in the above shot that the 1/2" seam folds into the project so that I when I sewed around the exterior with a scant 1/4 seam, the hole is closed up by my top stitching.

I Finished the project with a top stitch around the border, and then some wavy stitches to quilt the layers together... I tied off my ends, trimmed them, and voila!

This linen blanket, and the unsold lavender bag from last week are listed on ebay and will end this Sunday evening, so please bid and support Macmillan Cancer Support!

** please note the auctions above update only once an hour, so there may be less time to bid than you think! please click to follow the link.

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