Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week #29 - Whose is Whose Wine Glasses

This week's craft (well technically last week's craft) is real simple and straightforward... but despite it being so easy I didn't have quite enough time to finish it off and photograph it before I headed out for my weekend away at the Wilderness Festival. Now done, dusted, and near-recovered from all the fun and frolics, I'm ready to show you week #29's craft.

I'm definitely not able to take credit for this idea, I've seen it all over the internet including here, and here, and here...  There are tutorials in so many varieties across the internet that it would be impossible to attribute the idea to one person and/or pointless to write my own... but if I did it would basically go like this;

1. Tape
2. Spray
3. Let Dry
4. Remove Tape
5. Enjoy

These chalkboard wine glasses are a great idea for a summer party... not only does the matte finish of chalkboard spray paint look quite nice, but its also a very fun and practical idea for keeping drinklet mix ups.

From the images I hope you and see just how easy a craft this is!

And the end product is just oh so nice!

If you think this set of Six Glasses would be perfect at your upcoming end of summer party and you'd like to help add to my running total of funds I've raised for Macmillan Cancer Support, then you can bid on these lovely glasses which are up for a short auction ending this Sunday, August 19th.

Once the auction is up it will appear live below - but please keep an eyes as this little gadget below might lead you to believe there is more time than there is to bid! Please visit the auction itself and 'watch' it on ebay to make sure you don't miss you.


  1. Oh I love this! What a simple, yet brilliant idea! I've never seen this done before :)

  2. laura and i did this for emmie's birthday! chalkboard pain is really fun...