Sunday, January 15, 2012

better late than never

My plans to kick off 52 weeks : 52 crafts last week, was a bit of a wash out due a number of unforeseen non-crafty circumstances which got in the way. Now that I've found the time to get started, I was faced with two options.

1. Accept that life gets in the way and wait until next year (Booooo!)
2. Get going, get crafty, and get caught up in the challenge before you have time to over-think it. (Yay!)

So better late than never, I'm starting to get going. I've added a new page which outlines what I'm going to do over the year, and I'm currently writing and preparing my first post - items made and ready to be featured and auctioned off for charity!

Please stay tuned as 52 weeks : 52 crafts launches TONIGHT!

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