Monday, January 23, 2012

Resolved to Sew (and craft!) for 2012

I'm sure it's obvious to my followers what my main new year's resolution for 2012 is... obviously it's to live up to the 52-week craft challenge that I've set out for myself... by sewing (or crafting) something new every week.

While my first two projects have been made at the sewing machine, there are lots of different crafts on their way as well including handmade bath and body products, paper craft, maybe even some baking (if I can work out the logistics?).

So when asked me about being 'Resolved to Sew 2012' it made me think about my broader sewing resolutions.

1. Complete my 52-week challenge
2. Make more, give more. (Make more gifts for friends and family and give for the sake of giving).
3. Learn to work with curves (I currently have not yet explored the world of curved patchwork, and I need to work up the courage to try).

Very Berry are giving away heaps of beautiful fabrics from U.K. shops - and if you have a few resolutions of your own, you can share them and get yourself in the running to win something yourself.

If you have any advice or know any tutorials for attempting curved patchwork, then please share here! I could use some advice/encouragement to help prepare me to get over that hurdle!


  1. I've been spreading the word about your 52 week challenge. I've been linking people back to your blog for more details. BTW I've been enjoying reading the Very Bery Blog. Nice.