Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week #12 - Screen Print Shirts

It's a great comfort to be able to rely on family when things go awry - so when I had to travel to Canada at the last minute for a family emergency, and fell a bit behind in my crafting, I was pleased that my sister stepped up as a guest maker for week #12.
I was recently featured in the 'In The Studio' section of Crafts Business Magazine, where Zoe Monk asked my about my crafty family and do-it-yourself upbringing. Well, across the Atlantic my sister has also turned her creative hobbies into a business in the form of Peep Art & Design

In addition to doing great biscuit impressions, Liz offers graphic design services and makes a products including screenprinted apparel, bags and accessories. She sells her work at maker's markets in Hamilton, as well as at various other events and festivals around Southern Ontario including Hillside 2012.
Motivated by sustainability, peep art & design creates refurbished and upcycled apparel, accessories and bags. Combining original designs with vintage fabrics and previously-loved clothing, peep gear is sensible, affordable, and unique. Liz has generously donated two screenprinted t-shirts to the 52 weeks 52 crafts project, which feature some of her most popular designs.

Liz has donated two designs she has screenprinted onto upcycled shirts.

Auctions for both these shirts will start on Friday, April 6th and will appear below once listings are active.

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