Monday, April 9, 2012

Week #13 - all pressed up and no where to sew

This week's craft was going to be some lovely little quilted tangrams, but my home-away-from-home sewing machine decided to start playing tricks on me and its feed dogs just stopped feeding. So while the sewing machine is in for repairs, all I can do it admire my little cut out shapes and look forward to being able to sew them up soon and get them up on ebay.

I recently made some tangram-esque shapes for a friend's little girl following this tutorial but wanted to try my hand at making the 'real deal' as I thought it might be a gift that could grow with baby. (admittedly they are likely to be a chew toy for my seven month old nephew for a long while before he is solving tangram paradoxes)

I am thinking I might draw up some laminated pattern sheets to go with them, so that they come with a nice set of animals to make as well.

While you sit patiently and wait for me to resume sewing, why don't you check out the current auctions - featuring screen printed t-shirts by peep designs?

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