Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quilty Stocking - Part 2

Thanks for all the lovely comments and feedback on the Quilty Stocking tute I posted earlier this week. As promised, I'm now posting Part 2 - with easy quilting and assembly instructions so you can finish your stocking off right!

To finish your stocking you'll need:

- 2 stocking outers (made from Quilty Stocking - Part 1)
- Plain Calico or any other fabric suitable for the lining (at least a half meter)
- wadding/batting (at least a half meter)

- Quilters Square
- Rotary Cutter
- Cutting Mat 
- Fabric Pen (washable)
- Sewing Machine and Kit

1. Cut your linings

Fold you lining fabric over (right sides together if you are doing a patterned lining) so you can trace and cut through two layers, and lay one of your stocking outers face-down so that you can trace around it.  Cut around your tracing mark, or just use the edges of your stocking outer for guidance.

If you are using a patterned fabric or a fabric with a "right side" for the lining, by fold and laying them right sides together you'll end up with two pieces which are oppositely shaped, just like your stocking outers.

2. Quilting Time

Set your linings aside, and lay your patchwork pieces on two pieces of wadding/batting which are roughly cut out to be bigger than the stocking shape. (I just cut might roughly, being sure there was at least a 1/2 inch on all sides).

Pin in a few places, or use fusible wadding to hold it together and quilt however you like - Straight lines, side to side, curves, and what not. If you are straight line quilting a walking foot might help you keep all layers together.

I just did a simple 'stitch in the ditch' around the perimeter of the stars, to make them stand out. I just followed my patchwork lines, and pivoted in the corners of the star, going all the way around until I came back to the edge of my stocking.  I found this was enough to hold my layers, as I also used a fusible wadding.

Here's a close up of my stitching. You can see that by stitching in the ditch, my stitches are fairly well hidden, but also add some depth to make the star stand out a little more.

3. Trim, trim, trim.

Once you quilting is complete, trim the wadding down to match the edges of your stocking.

4. Make a hanging loop.

To make a hanging loop I simply cut a 2.5" by 6" rectangle of my lining fabric, and then pressed it in half lengthwise. I then opened it up and used my press line as the centre mark to then fold each of the raw edges in so that they were pressed to the centre, before finally pressing along the centre line again so that the long raw edges were pressed into the middle.

Then sewing a few line of finishing stitches to hold your loop together.

 5. Assemble the pieces.

Take one of your stocking outers and one of your linings, and lay them face down together so that the stocking shape lines up nicely. Then sew with a 1/4" seam across the top of your stocking only. So that the pieces are linked at the top.

Press open so that your stocking outer appears like this:

Then do the same for the second outer and inner.

6. Bring it all together.

Lay your two finished stocking inner/outers face down together so they sort of look like a giant comedy handlebar moustache.

Like so:

Pin in place, and then sew around the entire perimeter of the stocking with a generous 1/4" seam starting at the foot/bottom of the lining.

As you approach the part where the lining and outer stocking meet, be sure to put the loop in place, just over 1/4 of an inch below the point where you begin to sew the outer together, as in the photo below. If you tuck it in place and continue to sew around the perimeter your hook will stay in place. If you leave a generous 1/4 inch then you'll have enough room to sew your finishing stitch around the top of the stocking later.

Above you can see where the loop is in place between the outer stockings, and below you can see how it looks when you continue to sew, with just the edge of the loop sticking out.

Continue to sew around the entire perimeter, leaving a 4" gap in the sole/foot/bottom of the stocking. (see below)

Here's how the stocking looks from the outside, before its turned out. You can see my 1/4" seam and my quilting lines.

 7. Finishing touches.

Turn your project inside out, using the hole in the foot and then press.

Tuck the edges around the turning out hole in and sew a quick top-stitch to close the hole, backstitching at both ends (this will be hidden in the boot of the stocking, so no need to do a fancy invisible stitch!)

Push your lining into the stocking, and press around the top so that the lining lays nice and flat.

If you like, sew a few lines of finishing stitches around the top of the stocking to ensure your fold stays nicely in place.

Sewing around the top edge of the stocking. 

Trim any loose ends, and then hang your stocking up and be proud.

Your work isn't over yet, though as you'll still have to decide what to fill it with... or better yet, make it for yourself and leave that job up to Santa~

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