Friday, November 23, 2012

Week #45 & #46 - Festive Flair

I've been busy this week gearing up for a busy Christmas season! This week's bonus items which are added to the pool of Crafts for Christmas are a gorgeous wrapped yarn wreath (Week#45) and some image transfer wooden festive bunting (Week#46).

The bunting is not quite ready to show, but I'll tell you all about my simple wrapped wreath and how you could go about making your own!

You'll need

- 1 Styrofoam/Polystyrene Ring (I used a 32 cm ring, but you can use any size you like!)
- Felt to roughly match your yarn
- 2 lots of yarn for wrapping
- Pom poms, decorations, etc for embellishment

Step. 1 Cut felt and wrap your wreath (glue it down with hot glue)

I found that wrapping with a matching felt, made it easier to wrap the yarn and softened the edges of the wreath a bit - but this is optional depending on the look you want to achieve.

Step. 2 - Glue one end of the yarn down, and being to wrap!

... and wrap...

... and wrap...

until you are all wrapped up!

Step 3: Make a pompon or ball of yarn, and add some decorations (I used some of my own laser-cut bauble decorations)... hang and enjoy!

How easy was that?

This little gorgeous wreath was made with some leftover wool form a scarf I made myself with wool from my Buenos Aires Yarn District adventures.

Of course this little gem will be for auction with 100% going to Macmillan Cancer Support and stay tuned for the unveiling of Craft #46 this evening, my wooden bunting with a retro look image transfer... here's a preview to get you excited!

***Update*** my wood bunting is finished. Check it out the finished results and feel free to bid on the auction below!

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