Friday, November 16, 2012

Week #41 - I Spy Bunting

Earlier in my 52 weeks : 52 crafts challenge, I showed that a few scraps can go a long way with my I Spy Quillow and now I'm showing another variation on that theme... check out my I Spy Bunting!

A fun little way to decorate your little one's bedroom - hang them up in the window or from the ceiling over the bed, and you'll have a great decoration as well as a fun game to play.  This bunting measures 4.5 meters in length, and has 28, 4"inch triangles hanging from it, each made up with 2 different fabrics... that means 56 different patterns and things to spy!

Check it out...

what do you think? When the light is a little better I'll take some photos of the bunting all hung up so you can see it from a few different angles.

This item is my 41st item in my 52 weeks : 52 crafts challenge, and it the bonus item which is a part of my 'Crafts for Young Ones' - round up Part 2 - where there are lots of other great items to buy!

Check out the auctions here - they all end this Sunday night in the two hour period ending 8:00 pm GMT.  Just remember, that the widget only updates once an hour, so if its Sunday night you might have less time to bid than you think!

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